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Putumayo presents – Yoga

putumayo presents yoga


  1. Lucknow Project – Ghungate Ke
  2. Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band – Om Hari Om/Sharanam Ganesha (Refuge)
  3. Shantala – Purnamadah
  4. Wah! – Bolo Ram
  5. Ben Leinbach & Geoffrey Gordon – Cerulean
  6. Karnamrita Dasi – Devaki
  7. Niraj Chag – Bangles
  8. Amounsulu – El Bosque Eterno de los Niños
  9. Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits – Moods Of Kirtan
  10. Susheela Raman – O Rama
  11. Krishna Das – Hanuman Baba
  12. Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze – Sira
  13. Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel – Offering Chant
  14. Yogini – Bliss

Очень любопытный сборник от Putumayo вышел . Веселенькие такие трэки вроде девятого с припевом “…Шри Кришна Санкиртана”. =) Неплохо. То есть вообще вышел сборник для якобы занятий йогой, но нам он очень интересен в первую очередь тем, что прекрасная музыка сочетается в нем с текстами духовной направленности.

Putumayo presents – Mississippi Blues [2002]

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  1. Luther Allison – Part Time Love
  2. Junior Wells – Come On In The House
  3. Missisissippi Minnie – I Got To Make A Change Blues
  4. Arthur “big Boy” Crudup – Mean ‘OL Frisco
  5. Artie White – The More You Lie To Me
  6. John Lee Hooker – Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong
  7. Chris Thomas King – Come On In My Kitchen
  8. Ike And Tina Turner – 3 O’Clock In The Morning Blues
  9. Bobby Bland – St. James Infirmary
  10. Mississippi John Hurt – Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

Подъезжали к Чумпорну, выбрал из Путумаи этот альбом. Очень интересно бывает иногда послушать тупо блюз…

Putumayo presents – South pacific islands [2004]

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putumayo presents south pacific islands


  1. Te Vaka – Luliana – (Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand)
  2. Matato’a – Mana Ma’Ohi – (Rapa Nui/Easter Island)
  3. Te Vaka – Sei Ma Le Losa – (Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand)
  4. Telek – Abebe – (Papua New Guinea)
  5. Te Vaka – Haloa Olohega – (Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand)
  6. OK! Ryos – Nengone Nodegu – (New Caledonia)
  7. Whirimako Black – Wahine Whakairo – (New Zealand)
  8. Te Vaka – Nukukehe – (Tokelau/Samoa/New Zealand)
  9. O-shen – Siasi – (Papua New Guinea)
  10. OK! Ryos – Co Era So – (New Caledonia)
  11. Gurejele – Watolea – (New Caledonia)

Putumayo presents South Pacific Islands, one of the first widely distributed collections of contemporary music from this remote region of the world. In fact, most of the artists featured on South Pacific Islands are little known outside their country of origin.

Blessed with stunning natural beauty and unique cultures, the islands of the South Pacific have long symbolized paradise on Earth to outsiders. Of course, life is more complicated than travel brochures and Gauguin paintings would lead one to believe. The people of the South Pacific, like elsewhere, struggle with the impact of modernization and are fighting to revitalize and redefine their traditions before they disappear.

Both Telek and O-shen come from Papua New Guinea, a tropical archipelago of dense rainforests and active volcanoes. Telek combines ancient Tolai traditions and contemporary Western music without compromising his native culture. O-shen, the son of American missionaries who was raised in a remote Papuan village, fuses traditional Pacific music with hip-hop and reggae.

OK! Ryos and Gurejele are leading figures in New Caledonia’s Kaneka movement, a unique music that blends local polyphonic singing styles and traditional rhythms of the Kanak culture with pop and world beat flavors.

Te Vaka, a New Zealand-based band with members from across Oceania, is creating a pan-Pacific pop music that incorporates elements from a variety of cultures into an appealing fusion. Fellow New Zealander Whirimako Black endeavors to bring Maori music, culture, and language to a broader audience.

Finally, from far-off Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island, comes Matato’a. Their native language is now spoken by less than 3000 people and is blended here with an upbeat, cross-cultural mix of music.

This enhanced CD features an OK! Ryos music video filmed on the picturesque beaches of New Caledonia, as well as informative liner notes in English, Spanish, and French, striking Lonely Planet photographs and the recipe of a traditional South Pacific dish.

Putumayo Presents: Women of Africa [2004]

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  1. Le Tshephile Mang (South Africa) – Judith Sephuma *****
  2. Bahia (Benin) – Angelique Kidjo
  3. Mi Nada Um Ca Tem (Cape Verde) – Maria De Barros
  4. Mayihlome (South Africa) – Sibongile Khumalo
  5. Retany (Radio Edit) (Madagascar) – Tarika
  6. To Ndje (Cameroon) – Kaissa *****
  7. Mfan’ Omncane (Zimbabwe/South Africa) – Dorothy Masuka
  8. Hima (Comoros) – Nawal
  9. Abiani (Ivory Coast) – Dobet Gnahore
  10. Raoui (Algeria) – Souad Massi
  11. Sina Mali, Sina Deni (Free) (Burundi) – Khadja Nin
  12. Vimba (South Africa) – Women Of Mambazo *****

Women have always played an essential role in the preservation of African culture. From lullabies sung to sleepy children to chants of celebration, women are important bearers of tradition. Unlike some areas in the world where females are discouraged from taking part in public musical performance, in sub-Saharan Africa, music is an essential social activity for all members of the community.

While many musical instruments are traditionally played exclusively by men, women often provide the voice of Africa’s music. This legacy carries over from traditional to contemporary music, and many of today’s most popular singers in Africa are women.

Women of Africa features Putumayo’s favorite songs by women from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Ranging from internationally revered artists like Angèlique Kidjo (Benin), Tarika (Madagascar), Women of Mambazo (South Africa), Khadja Nin (Burundi) and Dorothy Masuka (Zimbabwe), to rising stars such as Judith Sephuma (South Africa), Souad Massi (Algeria), and Sibongile Khumalo (South Africa), to new discoveries Nawal (Comoros), Maria de Barros (Cape Verde), Kaïssa (Cameroon), and Dobet Gnahoré (Ivory Coast), the artists on Women of Africa represent a wide spectrum of today’s African music scene.

Putumayo Presents Asian Lounge [2005]

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  1. Fukaki Umi No Kanata – Yoshida Brothers *****
  2. Koyal – Nitin Sawhney
  3. Ja Name – Ancient Future
  4. Oceans of Ecstasy – Deepak Chopra M.D. *****
  5. Campuhan – Blue Asia/Yoichi Ikeda
  6. Angels of the Island – Bali Lounge
  7. Space in… – Nataraj XT
  8. Funky Guru – Prem Joshua
  9. Eastern Journey – Biddu Orchestra
  10. Water Down the Ganges – Manish Vyas/Prem Joshua
  11. Dreams of Happiness – Xcultures/Marisa Kosugi ***** японская энигма

There has long been a cultural exchange between the East and the West. Marco Polo and the Silk and Spice trading routes began the process that, over time, has led to the creation of new musical styles. Putumayo presents examples of this ongoing musical interaction with the release of Asian Lounge. Travel from London to Bombay, Bali to Tokyo with this compilation of innovative Asian fusions, the sixth in Putumayo’s successful Lounge series.More than half the tracks on Asian Lounge have never been released in North America, paving a path for those who like to stay connected with ever-evolving music scenes. Japanese stars, the Yoshida Brothers kick off the collection with “Fukaki Umi No Kanata” (Beyond the Deep Sea). The brothers have achieved fame in Japan by reviving the popularity of the tsugaru-shamisen, the 16th century instrument they’ve mastered and incorporated into their modern sound.

A revival of another kind brings us Nitin Sawhney’s “Koyal” (Songbird), a song he composed for the soundtrack of a recently restored silent Indian film. Sawhney is perhaps the best-known musician featured on Asian Lounge. As an artist of Indian heritage currently living in the UK, Sawhney’s eclectic musical offerings incorporate everything from drum and bass to classical Indian music, making him a leading figure in Britain’s “Asian Underground”.

Also pulling from the rich heritage of Indian music is the German artist Prem Joshua, whose “Funky Guru” blends Sufi chants, Sanskrit poetry and Indian folk music with Western electronica. Joshua has become a music star in India and frequently records with noted Indian musician Manish Vyas. Their successful collaborations include “Water Down the Ganges,” the 11-minute opus.

Audiences around the world will also delight to hear “Eastern Journey,” a track from producer and multi-instrumentalist Biddu, whose extensive career includes co-writing credits on the 70s funk-disco super hit “Kung Fu Fighting”. A recurring figure in both the Indian and UK music scenes, Biddu has continued to remain in tune with popular culture.

Another familiar face on Asian Lounge is that of famed health and wellness guru Deepak Chopra. His “Oceans of Ecstasy” is an ambient dreamscape of sensual grooves, passion-soaked vocals, undulating chants and intoxicating rhythms. Other featured artists include Bali LoungeAncient FutureNataraj XTXCultures and Blue Asia, whose song “Campuhan” embodies the essence of this Asian Lounge collection. Meaning “two rivers meet” in Balinese,“Campuhan” merges the ancient and modern worlds by mixing Indonesian gamelan with ambient effects and spoken word. More artist information and a recipe for an Asian cocktail are included in the tri-lingual liner notes in English, Spanish and French.

Putumayo kids presents – Asian Dreamland [2005] *****

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putumayo kids presents  asian dreamland

  1. Shang Shang Typhoon – Moon Boat (Japan)
  2. Emme – Dokokade Yoruga Naita (Japan)
  3. Yoshida Brothers – Kokoro Ni Dakarete (Japan)
  4. Zulya – Cradle Song (Russia)
  5. Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Falconer – Aka Tonbo (Japan)
  6. Takashi Hirayasu with Chuei Yoshikawa – Asadoya Yunta (Japan)
  7. Kelsang Chukie Tethong – Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum (Tibet)
  8. Ali Akbar Khan – Lullaby (India)
  9. Lei Qiang – Lullaby (China)
  10. Rikki – Amami No Komori Uta (Japan)

Asia is the world’s largest continent and is home to many different cultures and traditions. But no matter what the country or language, parents all across the continent must find ways to get their children to sleep each night. A new release from Putumayo Kids, Asian Dreamland, offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from countries as diverse as Japan, China, India and even the Siberian republic of Tatarstan. This harmonious collection of tranquil songs is perfect for yoga and meditation as well as putting the little ones to sleep.

Asian Dreamland follows gently in the footsteps of Dreamland, Putumayo Kids’ first lullaby collection and one of the best-selling children’s and family CDs from the label. Together, these CDs launch a new Dreamland series featuring international music to relax listeners of all ages.

Азия это самый большой в мире континент, который является домом большого количества народов разных культур. Но национальность, культура, язык не имеют значения, все родители укладывают своих детей спать каждый вечер. Новый релиз от Putumayo Kids, Asian Dreamland, предлагает убаюкивающую музыку из Японии, КИтая, Индии и Татарстана. Это гармоничная коллекция успокаивающей музыки прекрасно подходит для йоги медитации и укладывания малышей спать )…

Putumayo presents – The Caribbean [2006]

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putumayo presents the caribbean


  1. Aline Volé – Kali
  2. Sam Fi Man – Stanley Beckford
  3. Overtime (Nami Chens Pa Mi Biba) – O.R.E.O., Claudius Philips,
  4. Changó – Ska Cubano
  5. Bèl Fan’m – Mika
  6. Thundah – Coalishun
  7. Pasa un Tiempo Viejo – Waldo Mendoza
  8. Bon Tché – Marce, , Toumpak
  9. Freedom Sounds – The Skatalites
  10. Rev It Up [#] – Jab Jab
  11. Amores – Jandy Feliz
  12. Hot & Groovy – Militant

Зажигательная позитивная музыка, поднимающая настроение

Putumayo Presents – Latin Lounge [2005]

Lable: Putumayo World Music
Продолжительность: 45:42
putumayo latin lounge

  1. Reflejo de Luna – Alacran
  2. Sueno Mama – Roberto Poveda
  3. Siempre Me Quedara – Bebe *****
  4. Dame Tu Querer – Sidestepper
  5. Mariposa (En Havana) – Si*se
  6. Caminhos de Cuba – Luiz De Aquino
  7. Don’t Leave Me Now – Amparanoia
  8. Folia – Wagner Pa/Brazuca Matraca
  9. Carmela – Charanga Cakewalk
  10. Esta Noche – Federico Aubele
  11. In Love With You – Deepak Chopra/Adriana Castelazo
  12. Sentimientos – Andres Linetzky/Ernesto Romeo

Я себе лаунж представлял немного иначе конечно… Ну ничего, послушаем.

Putumayo Kids Presents – African Dreamland [2008]


  1. Nomathemba – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  2. Mimi – Mapumba
  3. Lonon – Kaissa
  4. Douyore – Famoro Diabate
  5. Agalilala – Samite
  6. USA Cheme – Chiwoniso
  7. Ikope Ye Tollo – Hijas Del Sol
  8. Mali Sadio – Habib Koite & Bamada
  9. Salaman – Toumani Diabate
  10. Kula Bebe – Bernadette Aningi / Anita Daulne
  11. Sao Horas De Dormir – Tete Alhinho

Колыбельные песни Африки. Уникальная подборка. Спасибо Putumayo!

Putumayo Acoustic Africa [2006]



  1. Sore – Sakho, Diogal
  2. Mindjer Dôce Mel – Mimito
  3. Misahotaka Ny Akama – Rajery
  4. Sedjedo – Kidjo, Angélique
  5. Basimanyana – Mahlasela, Vusi
  6. Bana – Tess, Faya
  7. Mauritania – Sow, Laye
  8. Tradição – Tavares, Tibau
  9. Baro – Koité, Habib
  10. Palea – Gnahoré, Dobet
  11. Antonia – Costa, Manecas
  12. Fanta Bourama – Tounkara, Djélimady

Волшебные мотивы. Местами вспоминается Цезария Эвора

Putumayo Presents – India [2009]

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Putumayo Presents - India (2009)
Продолжительность: 42:41 min

  1. Bombay Jayshree – Zara Zara
  2. Niraj Chag featuring Swati Natekar – Khwaab
  3. Sanjay Divecha featuring Kailash Kher – Naino Sey
  4. Uma Mohan – Shiva Panchakshara Stotram Shiva Shadakshara Stotram
  5. Satish Vyas – Homeward Journeys
  6. A.R. Rahman & Chinmayee – Tere Bina
  7. Susheela Raman – Nagumomo
  8. Deepak Ram – Ganesha
  9. Kiran Ahluwalia – Vo Kuch
  10. Rajeshwari Sachdev – Maavan Te Tiyan

По иронии судьбы, этот волшебный диск я слушаю в Индии. Уже переписал Джайкумару, и, видимо, Рамсундру тоже надо переписать )